Cerulogy is the consultancy of Dr. Chris Malins. Chris is an expert in low carbon and clean fuels policy, with experience working on low carbon fuels in Europe, North America, Indonesia, and global aviation. At Cerulogy, we believe that environmental challenges are complex and we know that tracking and understanding an ever expanding literature is challenging. We’re interested in getting into the details, working with regulators, NGOs and industry to find common understanding and common ground, and looking for creative solutions to wicked problems.

Chris is the former program lead of the fuels program at the International Council on Clean Transportation. He started his fuels career leading communications for the Renewable Fuels Agency, the world’s first biofuel sustainability regulator. Chris lectures on low carbon fuels for the Energy Policy option of the Environmental Technology masters degree at Imperial College London. He has sat on advisory groups for the European Commission, UK Department of Transport, California Air Resources Board, International Civil Aviation Organisation, Alberta Department of Energy and Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials. He holds a doctorate in applied mathematics from the University of Sheffield.

Cerulogy’s past clients include:

  • The International Council on Clean Transportation
  • The Union of Concerned Scientists
  • The European Commission
  • Lanzatech
  • The NextGen Policy Centre
  • GreenEA
  • The European Waste to Advanced Biodiesel Association
  • Transport and Environment
  • The European Climate Foundation
  • Rainforest Foundation Norway
  • The Clean Air Task Force
  • Ceres
  • The National Wildlife Federation